Diverso relax

Designer: Fran Reyes

Release year: 2018.

The Diverso line was born to respond to the specific needs of comfort and functionality. As its name indicates, the Diverso sofa and couch line is very wide and varied. Available in different widths of sitting, options of mechanisms or fixed and, of course, in many fabrics and finishes.

Its springs seat, its backrest with recycled fibers and its high-quality foam armrests make it particularly comfortable. The seat, backrest and armrests are completely removable.

This model is available with the following mechanisms:

Fixed armchair

manual relax

Motorized opening

Power lift 1 motor

Power lift 2 motors

Swivel and rocker

Swivel and motorized rocker

Extras that can be incorporated into this model:

Battery kit

Head cover

Arms cover


Diverso armchair in different widths