Our philosophy


We are a family company, created by the twin brothers Fran and Antonio Reyes Ordoñez in 2000.

With their Andalusian roots, but entrenched in Yecla, Murcia, since childhood, they have learned the profession working for large companies in the upholstered sector. And very soon, with enthusiasm and great entrepreneur spirit, they decided to create their own path. In the beginning they modeled for other companies, and little by little they developed their products, contacting commercial agents and forging the foundations of what now is Reyes Ordoñez.


Far from being pure fashion, Reyes Ordoñez is a fresh and current brand, but with a lot of experience and the know-how of expert hands. The minimalist lines coexist with the concepts of warmth, quality and taste for detail. In our products, industry and crafts come together. The production in series and the artisan, two apparently opposite concepts, characterize and synthesize the strong identity of the company.


Reyes Ordoñez is more than just a brand, it is a workplace where respect and affection are impregnated in our products. We are passionate about our work, we enjoy the new challenges, and we make our motto: “make it easy and fun”.


We are dreamers and optimists.

In Reyes Ordoñez we are committed to people and our environment. We believe that our mission as a company has to be something more than making furniture, and that our products have to understand our daily life and invite us to enjoy it.


We feel very identified with the values of humility and tolerance. We are ambitious but very close. We are clear that Reyes Ordonez’s future planning will always be guided by our values, by intuition and by the heart.