How do we design our products?

How do we design our products?

Have you ever thought about all the phases a product goes through before going to market? Today we want to tell you how we do it …

In our design department we never stop! An important part of the creative phase is the search and selection of information, we are nurtured through fairs, social networks and specialized magazines of market trends.


Sketch of the Moli armchair. Majo Tumini 2017

Once the information has been selected, the sketching phase begins. The sketches are quick hand drawings and without too many details where creativity flows without restrictions. After this creative phase a small meeting is held where the best ideas are selected and many others are discarded …

3D image of the Moli model. Alejandro Azorín, Technical Department

In our technical department, the product is finished: The plans are made with real measurements and drawings are made in 3 dimensions that give us a more realistic perspective of the design. The different parts of the model are also defined, such as the skeleton, rubber bands, legs, etc. And the documentation is prepared regarding materials, sewing, manufacturing costs, etc.

The plans are printed on a real scale to start making the first prototype of the design. In this phase of prototyping we finish adjusting details such as the comfort of the sitting, new fabrics are tested and the production of the product is defined.

First prototype of the Moli Armchair.

Once the product is completely defined, a small production is made to rule out problems in this phase and it is photographed for presentation to representatives and customers.
As you can see, developing a new product is a complex task that takes time and involves different departments within the company.